How to get NBI Clearance in the Philippines?

How to get NBI Clearance? (Tagaytay Branch)

May 21, 2013

1. Prepare your requirements; two valid Government Issued IDs. See NBI Website for list of valid IDs.

2. Go to the NBI Branch.

3. Ask for NBI Form at the entrance. They will just give you a form if you have a valid ID. A queue number is written on the form as well so better check it at its topmost section.


4. Fill it up on the designated area for it. Make sure to write in PRINT, and finish all the necessary details. A huge board with a Sample of Filled Out Form which serves as a guide is attached on the wall (look for it if you have concerns regarding the form.)

5. Wait your number to be called for DATA CHECKing of your form.

6. After the checking of data, you will queue at the COUNTER AREA for PAYMENT. (115 pesos for Local Employment (1 year valid). Check the web site for details of NBI clearance prices.

7. Proceed to ENCODING window. A monitor is attached at the window so you will be able to check what they are typing. Otherwise, if there are errors on your printed clearance, they have no liability, you need to get a new one.

8. Proceed to BIOMETRICS window for capturing of finger prints and photo. (If your receipt is given back, check the date of your NBI Clearance release. However, if they did not give you your receipt, your clearance will be released on the same day.)

9. Go the RELEASING AREA. Wait for your Name to be called. It takes like 15 minutes to give you your NBI Clearance.

10. Check your freshly printed clearance.

11. You’re done!


If you arrived between 6 to 7 am, you will probably finish the process at 10am. Much better.
Make sure to wear jeans and closed shoes.

Cool weather and cool officers with the corniest but funniest jokes are bonuses.

How to get an SSS number prior to employment?

Social Security System Tagaytay Branch

1. Visit SSS branch. 😀

2. Ask for E1 form at the Information together with Priority/Queue Number. You can also print a copy of E1 form from SSS website. However, this printable form is NOT preferable (I think because it lacks a carbon copy) so you better ask Form at the branch. (These forms are free of charge.)

3. Fill up the form. Make sure to put your thumb marks both on the original and carbon copy. Stamp pads are available in the branch.

4. Wait for your Number to be called.

5. Present your accomplished E1 form together with the photocopy of your NSO Birth Certificate.

6. Voila! they will give you your SSS number written on a Pink Paper.


1. You can apply for SSS number and Digitized SSS ID together. Digitized SSS ID is accomplished in E6 form. You can ask for it at the Information or SSS web site. (However, they will not issue an SSS ID if you do not have any working experience or previous employer.)

2. Have your NSO Photocopied before you go to SSS. In the absence of NSO birth certificate, click THIS to check secondary documents valid to apply for SSS number.

3. The earlier the better. I went to Tagaytay branch at 730am (Summer Vacation) and was given number 49 as the queue number. So I guess earlier than 7 is better. Expect long queues for summer vacation rather than school days.

4. Eat beakfast.

5. Be friendly.

Starfish and Steep Hills on Salt Spring Island

Truth and Cake

The weekend is here and I’m dreaming of airplanes, beaches and far off, exotic destinations. I’ll admit, I suffer from a near constant state of wanderlust. Alas, those endless buckets of money I ordered still haven’t come in–wonder what’s taking them so long? 😉
In case you’re stuck at home this weekend (like moi), here’s a little virtual vacation courtesy of our easter weekend trip to Salt Spring Island–it’s the largest of the gulf islands, nestled between the mainland and Vancouver Island in the Salish Sea. Four years in Vancouver and Grant and I had never made the trip, so we decided to hop a ferry, bikes and picnic basket in tow, and do a little exploring…
Salt Spring is made up of hilly, winding roads sprinkled with hidden coves, purple starfish, tiny seafood restaurants, baby lambs, patches of daffodils, wandering geese, sculptors, painters, felters, cheese makers, wood…

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The Price of Happiness

Truth and Cake

Chanel The Best Things
Tonight I’m heading out to watch Prince play at a small 1,100 seat theater. I’m over-the-moon-ecstatic about the singing, dancing and happiness that’s sure to ensue.
Unfortunately, grooving to Prince doesn’t come cheap. When I told people I was going to the concert, I received one of two reactions: “Whoa, that’s expensive” or “Whoa, you love Prince, that’s going to be awesome.”
I nodded my head to both reactions because I understand that Prince isn’t  awesome to everyone but that he is awesome to me.
It’s a somewhat pricey experience, but one that will undoubtedly raise my happiness quotient.
I didn’t always think that way.
Historically, when faced with a choice between something cheap and something expensive, I would unfailingly veer towards the middle, thinking that a compromise was better than under or over-indulging.
I would go shopping and think, “Yes, four pairs of…

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Rethinking the To-Do List

Truth and Cake

Rethink To-Do
Sometimes I think, if I could just check every last item off of my to-do list, I would finally be able to think clearly. The world would spread out before me like a big blank canvas, and I would feel limitlessly creative and free.
When I was in real estate, my to-do list was a never-ending, never-enough-time-in-the-day futile exercise in completion. Checking one thing off usually meant adding three more in its place. My personal to-do list sat dusty and neglected somewhere underneath my half eaten lunch, mocking me. If I got to the grocery store in the evening and my phone didn’t ring after 10 pm, that was a good day.
Now that I have more time and energy to devote to the things that matter, I still find myself battling my to-do list. The things I want to do and the things I need to do…

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