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Self Hypnosis – a letter from tellman


I don’t know about you, but
when I was a kid I didn’t sleep
too well


Who knows. Maybe I was just a angst
ridden teenager… Maybe it was
the Night Terrors…

Or even my Sleep Walking…

Maybe it was just because I was
too stressed out…

Whatever the reason was, I remember
night after sleepless night and how
bad it made me feel day after day…

The bags under my eyes…

The anxious tension that wouldn’t
go away…

and feeling tired and worn-out all day

All the way through High School I felt
like this more days than not…

Even while I was in the Navy I
couldn’t sleep well

And then into college…

Which is exactly when I learned
a little trick that changed my life…

It’s kind of hard to explain in text,
but I’ll give it a shot.

First, I use my mental “treasure chest”
as a place to put any thoughts or distractions
that pop into my head while I’m going to sleep…

Then I do a “Progressive Relaxation”
exercise through my whole body…

Then I use a 10-1 countdown to drop
me deeper into The Sleep State

And I mentally recite things like


and then I repeat the process until I
drift off…

Sometimes I even “program” my brain
for the types of dreams I want to have
on any given night…

And I even throw a few Self-Hypnosis
suggestions about the time I want my
“mental alarm clock” to automatically
wake me up…

That one is AWESOME – when I use it I
always wake up super-refreshed…

Once I learned this little “Self-Hypnosis”
method I started sleeping like a baby
night after night –

To this day.

I use it almost every night,
and it works like a charm.

The interesting part is that exact set of
tactics is what makes up the “core”
of the Self-Hypnosis training I put

You’re not going to believe how much
easier you’ll sleep with a little taste
of Self-Hypnosis

Keep me posted with how it works for you.


His Presumptions

It is presumptuous to rely on one’s own judgment. But it is more presumptuous for a person to put his judgment above that of the others and try to prevail over theirs.

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