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Beginning of the End

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I have never been fond of being gifted flowers. I never found it to be something I enjoyed and always get so awkward about it. I’m not entirely sure why but that’s not the point. I have a wonderful boyfriend who enjoys buying them for me and have grown fond of how pretty they are and even more so when they are dying.


I always feel so bad about dumping these beautiful flowers, even more so when they’ve died. So, I decided to make my own potpourri. It’s lovely and smells all sorts of flowery. Image

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Photo of the Day – “Somewhere”

Life Through a Lens

The last few weeks have been a haze of blocking craziness, getting ready for the OOAK Show & Sale Chicago and getting orders out so, while I truly enjoyed the show, I am equally as happy that it’s past me as I get a bit of a chance to breathe.

In between holiday orders, I have been trying to take the time to go through old raw photos from my trips from this past year. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes when you step away from them for a while, take a beat and then look at them with fresh eyes, you will see things you didn’t see before. Today’s photo of the day, “Somewhere” is no exception.

There was no shortage of rainbows as we traveled through the Highlands of Scotland, that’s for certain. This one, in particular struck me more than most because it almost looked like the rainbow…

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