How to get an SSS number prior to employment?

Social Security System Tagaytay Branch

1. Visit SSS branch. 😀

2. Ask for E1 form at the Information together with Priority/Queue Number. You can also print a copy of E1 form from SSS website. However, this printable form is NOT preferable (I think because it lacks a carbon copy) so you better ask Form at the branch. (These forms are free of charge.)

3. Fill up the form. Make sure to put your thumb marks both on the original and carbon copy. Stamp pads are available in the branch.

4. Wait for your Number to be called.

5. Present your accomplished E1 form together with the photocopy of your NSO Birth Certificate.

6. Voila! they will give you your SSS number written on a Pink Paper.


1. You can apply for SSS number and Digitized SSS ID together. Digitized SSS ID is accomplished in E6 form. You can ask for it at the Information or SSS web site. (However, they will not issue an SSS ID if you do not have any working experience or previous employer.)

2. Have your NSO Photocopied before you go to SSS. In the absence of NSO birth certificate, click THIS to check secondary documents valid to apply for SSS number.

3. The earlier the better. I went to Tagaytay branch at 730am (Summer Vacation) and was given number 49 as the queue number. So I guess earlier than 7 is better. Expect long queues for summer vacation rather than school days.

4. Eat beakfast.

5. Be friendly.


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