How to get NBI Clearance in the Philippines?

How to get NBI Clearance? (Tagaytay Branch)

May 21, 2013

1. Prepare your requirements; two valid Government Issued IDs. See NBI Website for list of valid IDs.

2. Go to the NBI Branch.

3. Ask for NBI Form at the entrance. They will just give you a form if you have a valid ID. A queue number is written on the form as well so better check it at its topmost section.


4. Fill it up on the designated area for it. Make sure to write in PRINT, and finish all the necessary details. A huge board with a Sample of Filled Out Form which serves as a guide is attached on the wall (look for it if you have concerns regarding the form.)

5. Wait your number to be called for DATA CHECKing of your form.

6. After the checking of data, you will queue at the COUNTER AREA for PAYMENT. (115 pesos for Local Employment (1 year valid). Check the web site for details of NBI clearance prices.

7. Proceed to ENCODING window. A monitor is attached at the window so you will be able to check what they are typing. Otherwise, if there are errors on your printed clearance, they have no liability, you need to get a new one.

8. Proceed to BIOMETRICS window for capturing of finger prints and photo. (If your receipt is given back, check the date of your NBI Clearance release. However, if they did not give you your receipt, your clearance will be released on the same day.)

9. Go the RELEASING AREA. Wait for your Name to be called. It takes like 15 minutes to give you your NBI Clearance.

10. Check your freshly printed clearance.

11. You’re done!


If you arrived between 6 to 7 am, you will probably finish the process at 10am. Much better.
Make sure to wear jeans and closed shoes.

Cool weather and cool officers with the corniest but funniest jokes are bonuses.

How to get an SSS number prior to employment?

Social Security System Tagaytay Branch

1. Visit SSS branch. 😀

2. Ask for E1 form at the Information together with Priority/Queue Number. You can also print a copy of E1 form from SSS website. However, this printable form is NOT preferable (I think because it lacks a carbon copy) so you better ask Form at the branch. (These forms are free of charge.)

3. Fill up the form. Make sure to put your thumb marks both on the original and carbon copy. Stamp pads are available in the branch.

4. Wait for your Number to be called.

5. Present your accomplished E1 form together with the photocopy of your NSO Birth Certificate.

6. Voila! they will give you your SSS number written on a Pink Paper.


1. You can apply for SSS number and Digitized SSS ID together. Digitized SSS ID is accomplished in E6 form. You can ask for it at the Information or SSS web site. (However, they will not issue an SSS ID if you do not have any working experience or previous employer.)

2. Have your NSO Photocopied before you go to SSS. In the absence of NSO birth certificate, click THIS to check secondary documents valid to apply for SSS number.

3. The earlier the better. I went to Tagaytay branch at 730am (Summer Vacation) and was given number 49 as the queue number. So I guess earlier than 7 is better. Expect long queues for summer vacation rather than school days.

4. Eat beakfast.

5. Be friendly.

Into the Yellow Pad.

Incomparable yet craziest memento so far. Thanks Joyce 🙂

Ayala Lights

Live Deeply

*Note: Some phrases would be in Conyo as we like to use it. Hahahaha.

Being in Mandaluyong was memorable, exciting, fun, awesome, an adventure and all the common, positive adjectives that a person might think of. It was a new experience, as it was my first time to actually live far from home and have a place to call “dorm.” And it has also created its room in my heart that will forever leave me longing to go back.

But it wouldn’t be that awesome without the people i have lived with and now, i shall introduce, the Manda dormers.

1. Juju “Kardashian.” The one i usually laugh with in full volume at the most forbidden time of the night. Every child visible, she claims to be hers by calling them Junanix, Jakulet, Nicolette and other names formed when Jonnah and N** are combined. Sometimes, she appears to be a…

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How to get POSTAL ID in the Philippines?

A quick guide to get POSTAL ID in the Philippines.

Indang, Cavite Branch

1. Download the application form available here or get a copy at your nearest Post Office. (If you get the application form at the Post Office it will be signed already by the officer in charge, much preferable.)

2. Fill it out. Prepare two 2×2 ID pictures in white background (formal/with collar blouse) and 1 Passport size ID identical to your 2x2s.

3. Get a Cedula (community tax certificate) and a Barangay Clearance in Barangay where you reside. Have your postal ID application signed by the Barangay Chairman or OIC (officer-in-charge) if the chairman’s not available.

4. Photocopy your Application form (You should submit 2 copies)

5. Go to the municipal hall and have your Application forms signed by the Mayor. After ’twas signed…

6. Go to the Postal Office at last. (In Indang, post office is located at Indang Public Market) Make sure to bring all the requirements.

  • Two Application forms (Fill out and signed already.)
  • Birth Certificate / NSO (Photocopy )
  • Two 2×2 and a Passport size ID pictures. All identical with white background.
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Cedula

7. The Postman (I don’t know what is he called) will fill out the rest of the Application form and will attached all your requirements. Then he will typewritten the info in your ID (through an ancient typewriter) attached all the ID’s and sign. He’ll make you review the typed info in the ID’s, get your thumb mark, laminate the ID and voila!

8. Your ID’s done. Hot and smokey.

You need to pay 320 pesos for the Postal ID, three long years valid.

It took me less than an hour to get the ID at the post office. Though the requirements are quite many, the officers aren’t hard to get in getting their signatures.

In my friend’s cases, in Bacoor and Dasmarinas Cvaite, it took them two days to get their ID’s. However, the signatories of the application forms were handled and prepared by the postal office admins or whoever.