Five Senses … Tuesday

ImageThe last few days were some of my favorite days, ever. A group of six girls and I loaded a plane and left California behind for the vibrant red rocks of Utah. For four days, we unwound, hiked, did fitness classes, watched a cooking demo, took pictures, soaked, laughed, ate and did a teensy tiny bit of lounging. It was such an amazing and special trip, which I’ll be sharing throughout the week.

But for now, I wanted to pop in and do a quick Five Senses Tuesday, since I missed Monday. As always, feel free to play along in the comments or on your own blog. It’s more fun that way.

Five Senses … Tuesday

Radish sprouts — my new favorite salad topping from the salad bar I already miss. Quinoa, black bean and corn meatballs … good, but not as amazing as the Island Black Bean Stew…

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Thrills and Squeals

rambles about rambling





This summer plans on being a wonderful concert filled event. 

Thus far, May will be amazing because I will be seeing the woman who sings the lyrics to my soul and who could be the only woman in this world that could make me consider lesbianism.  Marina and The Diamonds. This will be the third time I will be seeing her. My dear friend and I have practically followed her on tour, wherever we could. We went to Chicago, Dallas and now she’ll be very close to home in Lawrence.  
ImageAlso, the other band I’m supremely thrilled to see is Cold War Kids. I have loved them for so long and they are such an amazing band. I am like a little kid in a candy store excited! Such dashing and extremely talented guys. Ahh. So excited. 


The Lumineers will be headlining…

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A Little More Light Enters the Room

Truth and Cake

AA Milne
Winters in the Pacific Northwest are famously dreary and grey. It’s not the inconsistent, drizzly rain that gets to me, but the weeks without sun, the sky that feels like its grazing the top of my head. By the time February rolls around, I’m usually ready to crawl out of my skin. The light boxes and vitamin D supplements and temporary trips to tropical locales do little to assuage my craving for sun. Some people shrug their shoulders and say, “It doesn’t bother me, I like the rain.” And to those people, I say, Bravo.
I wish.
I’m a sun baby. I spent my childhood in California, accumulating a speckle of odd-shaped freckles that grace my shoulders to this day. During my university years in Virginia, I regularly drove to the tiny beach ten minutes from my school and spread my books in the sand, content as…

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Into the Yellow Pad.

Incomparable yet craziest memento so far. Thanks Joyce 🙂

Ayala Lights


*Note: Some phrases would be in Conyo as we like to use it. Hahahaha.

Being in Mandaluyong was memorable, exciting, fun, awesome, an adventure and all the common, positive adjectives that a person might think of. It was a new experience, as it was my first time to actually live far from home and have a place to call “dorm.” And it has also created its room in my heart that will forever leave me longing to go back.

But it wouldn’t be that awesome without the people i have lived with and now, i shall introduce, the Manda dormers.

1. Juju “Kardashian.” The one i usually laugh with in full volume at the most forbidden time of the night. Every child visible, she claims to be hers by calling them Junanix, Jakulet, Nicolette and other names formed when Jonnah and N** are combined. Sometimes, she appears to be a…

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