Into the Yellow Pad.

Incomparable yet craziest memento so far. Thanks Joyce 🙂

Ayala Lights

Live Deeply

*Note: Some phrases would be in Conyo as we like to use it. Hahahaha.

Being in Mandaluyong was memorable, exciting, fun, awesome, an adventure and all the common, positive adjectives that a person might think of. It was a new experience, as it was my first time to actually live far from home and have a place to call “dorm.” And it has also created its room in my heart that will forever leave me longing to go back.

But it wouldn’t be that awesome without the people i have lived with and now, i shall introduce, the Manda dormers.

1. Juju “Kardashian.” The one i usually laugh with in full volume at the most forbidden time of the night. Every child visible, she claims to be hers by calling them Junanix, Jakulet, Nicolette and other names formed when Jonnah and N** are combined. Sometimes, she appears to be a…

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John Green’s Words

Below are bookstagram of John Green’s words made by random people from Instagram, if you’re a fan hit share and like, if not, better read it dude!











I Own a Grass Head

Mom gave me a box of grass head. I have to soak the entire head in water until completely absorb. Leave it alone in a jar full of water below for about a week.
Day 1


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