Why we fight

Happy Friday

This morning someone said “Happy Friday,” and I was a little in shock that another week came and went while I was sitting in hospitals and clinics with my father, trying to get him well enough to come home and then figuring out the system. Oh, the system.

But I am thankful for a weekend. I hear it’s supposed to be a hot one. Do you have plans? I’m going to keep it simple. Experimental Dutch oven cooking before the big cookoff. Catching up on a little work, a little writing. Perhaps catch “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” the book I adapted into a screenplay in college that the original writer has finally put on the big screen himself (excited). Running (I have, friends, committed to running a half marathon … eek). Hanging out at my aunt’s in the country (because I love her animals and the air and…

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The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Harry Potter Companion Books #3) by J.K Rowling

Hot Chocolate And Books

Rated: 5 Stars

See my review for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

I absolutely loved it! Every time I hold this little hardcover in my hands (and it’s right beside me at this instant) I always think to myself, “I’m holding a copy of one of the books mentioned in the series, one Harry, Ron and Hermione had! The one one book that was important in understanding the hallows. Eeeek!” It just wonderful, being a Potter-head I’m bound to feel that way.

I read The Tales of Beedle the Bard about a year after I had read the seven books and I was swept away with waves of nostalgia and the first time round, I will unashamedly admit that, I had actually cried a bit, particularly when I came to the part I read about the Second Wizarding War and when I read the bit that reminded…

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Universal Language

Coffee Shop Chronicles

When I first started working at the District Coffee Shop, my boss told me “Coffee is a universal language.  You can go anywhere in the world and find coffee and the culture that surrounds it.”

I never for a moment doubted that statement.  Coffee is something so personal to me, something that is more than just a warm cup, but rather an experience.  It’s emotional and physical, something I crave whether or not it’s the caffeine driving it.

My friends at home were jealous when I told them I was moving to Seattle.  I saw their barista faces longing for the opportunity to be surrounded by so much good coffee.  I refrained from telling them just how many Starbucks there were in the city and shared in their excitement; I look forward to experiencing the coffee vibe of this city for myself.

Today when I woke up I knew that…

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