Starfish and Steep Hills on Salt Spring Island

Truth and Cake

The weekend is here and I’m dreaming of airplanes, beaches and far off, exotic destinations. I’ll admit, I suffer from a near constant state of wanderlust. Alas, those endless buckets of money I ordered still haven’t come in–wonder what’s taking them so long? 😉
In case you’re stuck at home this weekend (like moi), here’s a little virtual vacation courtesy of our easter weekend trip to Salt Spring Island–it’s the largest of the gulf islands, nestled between the mainland and Vancouver Island in the Salish Sea. Four years in Vancouver and Grant and I had never made the trip, so we decided to hop a ferry, bikes and picnic basket in tow, and do a little exploring…
Salt Spring is made up of hilly, winding roads sprinkled with hidden coves, purple starfish, tiny seafood restaurants, baby lambs, patches of daffodils, wandering geese, sculptors, painters, felters, cheese makers, wood…

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